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Gym Equipments

Kristina Greenwood

Eat. Lift. Ovulate.


Start training: learn to lift, get strong, and feel confident at home or in the gym.

Improve digestion, stop bloating, balance hormones, manage your cycle, increase your energy, & fuel your body!


Hey! I'm Kristina

Strength Coach and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

As a coach I approach nutrition and fitness based on each individual's needs. I want you to get strong, eat more and feel balanced. Success is truly measured in improved physical ability, increased energy, and resiliency.

Together we'll develop your vitality through nutrition and strength training, so you can persevere in every phase of womanhood.​ 

I've walked with my clients through some of their most challenging and elating experiences. Offering support, guidance and consistency when life can be overwhelming. 


If you've been looking for an unconventional strength and nutrition coach, you've found her. 


I started training with Kristina in January 2023 when I was at a really low point in my life. I had been a college D3 athlete but hadn’t felt athletic in a very long time. I wasn’t happy with my Pandemic weight gain,
I had recently suffered a pregnancy loss and didn’t feel comfortable in my own body. Kristina understood my goals, motivated me to change my mindset and helped me transform my relationship with my body.
She is extremely knowledgeable, and always explained what we were doing, and was a constant support no matter what I was going through that day. I can’t recommend her enough because she helped me so much not only physically but emotionally, and now I feel stronger than ever (because I am!).
It feels so good to feel like an athlete again.

Caroline, CO

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