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Nutritional Therapy: Virtual Sessions

A Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) will identify your unique dietary needs & goals, utilize a holistic approach and make recommendations specific to you.​

30 minute virtual consultation.

Three 40 minute virtual sessions every three weeks.

Client specific nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations.

6 progress emails or 20 minute phone calls.

Kristina is not offering individualized nutritional therapy at this time.

Kitchen Clean Up

Local to the Greater Sacramento Area.

Together we’ll sort your  kitchen, organize in order to maximize efficiency. Learn which ingredients truly nourish. Let’s set up your kitchen to make cooking a dream.

90 minutes in person.

Educating, and decluttering kitchen, pantry, and fridge.


Donation drop-off on your behalf.

Serving the Greater Sacramento area and Sierra Foothills.


$75 for each additional hour

Nutritional Supplementation

Fullscript Supplement Dispensary

In a perfect world all of our essential nutrients would come from the food we eat. However, due to the modern agricultural system, and unique circumstances of modern life many of us need some additional support. Fullscript is an online supplement dispensary that allows me to distribute the supplements I find most beneficial to the average person from the brands I trust at a discounted rate.

Please before ingesting any supplement please speak with your primary care physician. Supplements can have adverse affects and it is essential that you proceed with caution and individualized advice from a medical professional. Additionally, follow the direction of your medical provider and the supplement manufacturer. 

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